Drummers Of The Future

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The method for intermediate drummers who’ve outgrown the basic beginner books.

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Martijn Soeterbroek

Drummers Of The Future - Intermediate: a brand new drum method for intermediate drummers! Written by Dutch drummer Martijn Soeterbroek aka DrummerMartijn, known from his Youtube channel of the same name.

In his highly anticipated first book, Martijn presents his vision on drum education as a modern method, constructed in a unique way. The book’s based on his almost 20 years of experience as a drum teacher.

Drummers Of The Future - Intermediate has been written for intermediate drummers who’ve outgrown the basic beginner books. It’s specifically designed to be used in a (two-)weekly drum lesson.

By offering varied, practical, but challenging exercises, this book wil help you to develop your

  • stick control
  • coordination
  • creativity

Expect topics such as

  • ghost notes
  • linear grooves
  • 4 way independence
  • drum fill groupings

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Drummers Of The Future

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