Snare Drum Basics Method 1

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Snare Drum Basics is the more than complete percussion method and is ideal to prepare percussionists for among other:
 Percussion Ensembles
 Concert Bands
 Marching Bands
If you want a smooth transition from private lessons to playing in an ensemble, then you need to get started with Snare Drum Basics!



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Snare Drum Basics is developed to familiarize percussionists with listening and responding to other instruments
With the Snare Drum Basics method books you will receive a download-link to:
✅ Play-along tracks (MP3) for all etudes
✅ Groove tracks (MP3)  for the other exercises
✅ Practice software (WIN/MAC) to slowdown the tracks
Besices that you are receiving tips and tricks via the:
✅ Online videolessons via YouTube
✅ Facebook user group
Besides the method books, there are books with recital pieces available, which can be used as teaching material (duets) or ensemble material for your first (junior) percussion ensemble.
Snare Drum Basics is available in  Dutch, German, English, French, Italian and Polish. You can choose above (below the price) which language you want to receive.

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Snare Drum Basics Method 1

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