Drummers Of The Future - Beginner

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More than a complete teaching method for novice drummers with varied and versatile practice material.



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📕 Drummers Of The Future - Beginner is more than a comprehensive teaching method for novice drummers, offering varied and versatile practice material.

The method includes: 

✅ A printed book of over 100 pages, divided into 14 chapters It's specially tailored for weekly (individual) drum lessons. The unique structure of the teaching material makes getting stuck almost impossible, regardless of the pace at which you work through the book!

✅ All basic aspects of drumming are covered: from drum grooves and drum fills to musical notation and rudiments. Moreover, you'll learn how to creatively apply this practice material on your own. No need for separate books on technique, coordination, or music theory. Incredibly comprehensive!

✅ For the drum grooves, you'll find suggestions for existing pop songs, along with useful playlists. This allows you to immediately apply what you've learned with your favorite music.

The ideal starting 🥁 methode!

Drummers Of The Future - Beginner is the perfect start to your musical journey as a drummer. With this more than complete method, you not only learn the basics of drumming but also focus on developing your musical creativity. You'll learn to work with the grooves, fills, and techniques that are essential for "Drummers Of Future" to function well in a variety of musical situations.

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Drummers Of The Future - Beginner

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