Elements in Time, Traditional

Item No.: TSPCS-68

Medium to Advanced

Three traditional snare solos for the rudimental drummer

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Danny Raymond

Medium to Advanced Snare Solo Compilation

Instrumentation: Snare Drum

The TRADITIONAL Elements in Time edition is for those wishing to brush up on their old-school chops in a new-school way. As a true rudimental drum corps aficionado, Danny Raymond is certainly qualified to deliver some classic rudimental solos…but also equally qualified to put his own mark on each one of them.

This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

The Imperial (2:30 - Medium) The Imperial is a bold work for rope tension snare drum (or adequately de-tuned field drum) that contains its share of old-school rudiments, stick tricks, and phrasings. Legendary rudimental bass drummer Nick Attanasio wrote two optional bass drum parts, allowing the piece to be performed as a solo, a duet, or a trio.

Mosaic (2:50 - Advanced) In Mosaic, Danny outdoes himself with creative, flow-oriented rudimental writing that is both fun to play and challenging to play well. Largely based around a funky, jazzy feel, control is of paramount importance while handling the slow 3/4 phrases. Lovers of the classics will recognize a familiar quote in this solo, albeit a displaced one!

Psychedelic Relic (2:50 - Advanced) Psychedelic Relic is a fast-paced barrage of 16th-note diddles, sextuplet singles, 6-stroke rolls, and flam rudiments that will keep any rudimental player happy. There's plenty of meat in this solo, so take your hands out to dinner the night before!

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Elements in Time, Traditional

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