Elements in Time, Mastering

Item No.: TSPCS-69

A Collection of Mastering Snare Drum Solos by Danny Raymond

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Danny Raymond

Advanced Snare Solo Compilation

Instrumentation: Snare Drum

At the pinnacle of Danny Raymond's Elements in Time snare solo series is the MASTERING edition. This collection of three competitive solos for snare drum is for advanced players looking to showcase their abilities and then some.

This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

Excelsior! (2:30 - Med-Advanced) Inspired by New York radio show host Jean Shepherd, Excelsior! will leave you humming along with the unmistakable rhythmic melodies present throughout the piece. This solo will demand a lot of control through a myriad of hybrid flam passages and also challenges the performer with some matched-to-traditional grip changes.

The Natural (2:45 - Advanced) The Natural is an upper-eschelon solo for a drum corps-level player. Although the piece contains a lot of rudimental meat, the march tempo and backbeat (both literal and implied) groove elements give it a listenability not often found in modern marching snare solos. Meaty+groovy = Danny Raymond at his best!

Warwick (2:30 - Advanced) Warwick is not to be attempted by anyone without good health coverage.

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Elements in Time, Mastering

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