Pulse Theorem

Item No.: TSPCD-14

Advanced Multipercussion Duet

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Benjamin Finley

2 Players

Advanced Concert Percussion

Instrumentation: • 2 woodblocks • 2 roto tom frames (spoxe) • 2 sets of bongos • 2 sets of congas • 2 kick drums

During the course of a powwow one can expect to hear a wide variety of drumming patterns, as they accompany different song styles and dances. At a large gathering, the multi-tempo drumming of different tribes can be heard from a great distance, creating an incredibly organic and unintentionally polyrhythmic atmosphere. Pulse Theorem by Benjamin Finley takes much of its inspiration from this atmospheric blending of sounds, utilizing a series of composite rhythms generated by the two players on multipercussion.

This piece comes as a professionally printed and bound score and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or for tablet viewing.

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Pulse Theorem

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