Sonata in F

Item No.: TSPCS-14

Medium Concert Percussion

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by G.F. Handel, arr. Brian Slawson

1 player + piano accompaniment

Instrumentation: Marimba—4-octave, Piano

Note: The mallet part may also be played on xylophone or vibraphone.

The popular Allegro from Handel’s Sonata in F Major for violin has been performed for centuries on a variety of instruments. Although adapting the piece to marimba isn’t a new concept, the accompaniment part has proved to be one of the biggest challenges performers have faced. In addition to the solo part customized for marimba, Slawson has created a well-stylized piano arrangement that isn’t clumsy under the fingers—something these figured bass transcriptions are infamous for.

Ideally played on marimba with two mallets, the solo can also be played on vibraphone or xylophone while showcasing the intermediate performer's ability to interpret Baroque phrasings and style. As an etude or recital piece, Sonata in F will be a mainstay in any developing mallet player’s repertoire.

This piece comes with a full, bound score and includes a CD-Rom containing an audio recording and both the solo and accompaniment parts available for printing.

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Sonata in F

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