Up Front Etudes

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The ultimate companion to UP FRONT!

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Jim Ancona

The ultimate companion to UP FRONT

Not long ago, Tapspace released Up Front – the world’s most definitive resource for the modern pit.

Up Front Etudes is the next step of the journey. It breaks the monotony of traditional scales and pit exercises with six cool mini-compositions designed to add spice and variety to your front ensemble training program.

Jim Ancona, percussion caption head for the 7-time world champion Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps, has created this warm-up repertoire for students and instructors alike. The pieces are technically focused and diverse enough to provide a realistic way to hone any ensemble’s musical skills.Also included is a CD-ROM containing printable individual parts for each composition as well as reference recordings which are supplied at a variety of tempos with click tracks to use for practice and devlopment of each etude.

With Up Front and Up Front Etudes, you’ll have the right musical tools for the job from the top minds in the activity. And your pit will have a warm-up program they actually look forward to!

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Up Front Etudes

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