Mallet Basics

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The complete beginning method for melodic percussion instruments.



Marco Onstenk Deutsche Info

Mallet Basics is a complete beginning method for melodic percussion instruments like glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba and vibraphone. This method provides you everything you need to become a great mallet player and contains more that 100 pages of valuable information!

In this book the focus is on reading, rhythm, technique, theory and improvisation. for all these essential teaching elements we developed special images. Because of these images you know exactly what you are working on.


Besides the substantive elements fun is just as important while learning to play an instrument. Therefore, all the pieces are carefully selected and edited. Through the included link you can download a couple of great accompaniments with different pieces from the book. This makes practising more fun and in addition you are getting used to sounds of other instruments around you, so you will be able to play in an (percussion) ensemble earlier.

Mallet Basics has its own YouTube channel. This can be found at www.youtube.com/malletbasics. At this point you can find here some promotional videos and movie clips from students who are playing pieces from the book. The intention is to work on instructional movie clips about chapters in the book that needs extra explanation. Did you film a song from the book and put on YouTube, please send us the link and we will add your clip to our page. You can reach us via malletbasics@www.showandmarchingmusic.com


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Mallet Basics

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