Drum Along 9 - 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0 + CD

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Play along on drums with 10 classic rock songs.

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Jorg Fabig

This 9th edition of the fantastic Drum Along series will make the heart of any classic rock fan beat just a little bit faster. Featuring another 10 lead sheets for some fantastic classic rock tunes. The familiar style of the Drum Along series will help you to learn these great songs quickly and easily.

Each song in this Drum sheet music collection shows the grooves for each section of each song, from Brian Adam's Open Road to It's Not My Time from 3 Doors Down. The lead sheets will allow you to instantly pick up the rhythm to ten great rock songs. This book will give you the basic beats that you can identify and learn to play along with the song.

The accompanying CD features two versions of each song in MP3 formats. A full version allows you to hear exactly how each song should sound, before the play along version lets you listen and Drum Along, as if you were part of the band! 

The book contains the following hard rock titles:

  • Burn It Down [Linkin Park]    
  • Don't You (Forget About Me) [Simple Minds]    
  • Fairytale Gone Bad [Sunrise Avenue]    
  • I Was Made For Lovin' You [Kiss]    
  • It's Not My Time [3 Doors Down]    
  • Open Road [Adams, Bryan]    
  • Pictures Of You [The Last Goodnight]    
  • Second Chance [Shinedown]    
  • Still Loving You [Scorpions, The]    
  • Three Point One Four [Bloodhound Gang]


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Drum Along 9 - 10 Classic Rock Songs 3.0 + CD

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