In Tandem

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Medium Difficult Duet for 2 Percussion


by Josh Gottry

2 Players


Marimba (shared)
Player 1 (Bass Drum, Bongos)
Player 2 (Hi-Hat, Splash Cymbal, Bongos)

This piece was written to give two individuals, using limited instrumentation, the opportunity to truly create one unified performance. The title, In Tandem, comes simply from my desire to force the two players to work in close quarters and seamlessly share notes or rhythmic ideas that must sound as played by one individual.

Mallets for this piece should be chosen carefully to provide a full, warm sound from the marimba, especially in the low register, yet generate the appropriate articulation on the bongos and high-hat. A medium to medium-hard cord mallet likely will provide the best compromise, with Player 2 using a slightly softer mallet than Player 1. Player 1 will need to use 4 mallets for the “Suddenly Lethargic” section. Player 2 should use 4 mallets for everything other than the “Suddenly Lethargic” portion. Also in that section, Player 2 will move to and perform from the front side of the marimba as indicated

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In Tandem

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