Game of the Century

Artikelnr: TSPCD-17

Medium Chess for Two Percussionists


C. Snow

2 players

Instrumentation: Chess board and pieces, 1 table, 2 chairs, Chess clock, Ticking analog clock (or loud metronome)

Creative, original, and just plain cool, this work for two percussionists by C. Snow recreates the famous chess match played in 1956 between Donald Byrne (White), and 13-year-old Bobby Fischer (Black) and dubbed The Game of the Century. In its musical rendering, The Game of the Century is performed by two players seated across from each other, a chess board between them, the ticking clock driving the piece as White and Black move exactly as Byrne and Fischer did in 1956, the rhythms coinciding with the flow and strategy. Theatrical yet graded only Medium in level, the players are aided by the extensive performance notes and visual diagrams of how the board should look at key points.

The Game of the Century is provided as a professionally bound folio with a CD-ROM containing individual parts and an audio recording.

Note: To enhance the performance experience for the audience, consider mounting an overhead video camera and projecting the game play on a screen behind, beside, or above the players.

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Game of the Century

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