Pro-Mark Diversity Series Vibraphone

Item No.: PMDVR

Pro-Mark Diversity Series Vibraphone mallets designed by The Blue Devils Percussion Staff.

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Diameter:  0.313 in / 7.94mm
Length:  15-3/4 in / 40.01 cm
Handle Material:  Rattan
Head Material:  Yarn
Articulations:  Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium-Hard, Hard

ProMark Diversity Series mallets feature a thin latex-wrapped rubber core that provide full tone at all dynamics. Unfinished birch handles offer a solid, comfortable feel without too much weight.

Designed by The Blue Devils percussion staff to be a diverse line of mallets for indoor or outdoor percussion, the eight mallets in this line were created to cater a variety of players and educators by featuring four graduated marimba mallets designed for use on synthetic marimbas as well as rosewood.

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Pro-Mark Diversity Series Vibraphone

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