Kids These Days...

Item No.: TSPCS20-012

Medium/Advanced Snare Drum Solo

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Brian Blume

Medium-Advanced Snare solo with audio

Instrumentation: Concert snare drum (sticks/brushes), Amplification system (for included audio accompaniment)

Brian Blume’s rousing snare solo with audio accompaniment Kids These Days... was inspired by his young children and the toys they enjoy playing with. The sounds some of these toys make were recorded by Blume and ingeniously cut, spliced, and manipulated and ultimately became the audio accompaniment. These sounds are used to help create the sudden shifts in the music, much like a child’s attention suddenly shifts when playing. The overall effect of the piece is a wild and high-spirited ride that will definitely win over any crowd at a performance.

Kids These Days... comes with a full, bound score and includes the audio accompaniment tracks as well a full reference recording of the piece.

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Kids These Days...

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