Droids on Parade

Item No.: TSPB-51

12 Easy to Advanced Solos or Duets for Snare and Bass Drum with alternative metronome techniques

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by Chad Heiny

1 or 2 players


  • Snare drum
  • Kick drum (optional)
  • Concert bass drum (optional)

Droids on Parade is a unique, highly versatile set of 12 etudes for snare and bass drum by Chad Heiny. These short pieces may be performed as either solos or duets. Solo players may play the snare drum alone, or snare and kick drum simultaneously; or, two players may take the snare drum and bass drum parts separately.

Beginning with easy techniques and simple meters, the etudes increase in complexity and difficulty. By the end, the music employs advanced rudimental and rhythmic patterns in asymmetrical time signatures.

For an additional layer of challenge, each etude is given an alternative metronome pattern. The click may sometimes land on upbeats, different partials of the beat, or larger groupings of beats, often differing measure-to-measure. This optional approach aims to change the feel of each etude, allowing the player to develop a rock solid sense of internal pulse control.

With a wide range of skill levels, flexibility in personnel, and multiple optional approaches, this collection is an incredibly unique educational resource. It's a must-have for players and teachers alike!

Droids on Parade includes the following etudes:

  • 2-4Q8 | 0'30"
  • Q8BF | 0'55"
  • 3-4Up-B | 0'50"
  • A16-RF | 1'05"
  • CSyncD | 1'15"
  • Rudi16A | 1'55"
  • Trip5-4 | 0'50"
  • 5-6Sw | 1'35"
  • HsZ | 1'20"
  • 12-8Flow | 1'10"
  • Asym-C | 1'35"
  • 6-8Tr | 1'40"

Droids on Parade ships as a fully-bound book with a sleek cover design, and includes downloadable reference recordings with both metronome settings for each etude.

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Droids on Parade

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