10 Sequential Solos for Rudimental Snare Drum

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10 Easy/Medium - Medium/Advanced solos for Rudimental Snare Drum

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by Tom Morgan

The ten solos in this book correspond to the even-numbered solos in A Sequential Approach to Rudimental Snare Drum, and are ideal for music festivals and recitals. This makes it possible for students to perform solos during any point in their study of the method book. Students may also want to use 10 Sequential Solos for Rudimental Snare Drum simply as supplemental material to go along with A Sequential Approach to Rudimental Snare Drum. Each solo uses the rudiments listed along with rudiments used in previous solos.

Snare Drum

The Solos
Pathfinder (9-stroke roll, 5-stroke roll)
Hyperdrive (flam, flam tap)
Belshazzar (flam accent, flam paradiddle)
Armageddon (flamacue, 13-stroke roll, the drag, 15-stroke roll)
The Champion (single stroke four, lesson 25, single drag tap, 11-stroke roll)
Strike Force! (double drag tap, single ratamacue)
The Temple of Doom (double ratamacue, single ratamacue, double paradiddle, triple ratamacue)
Shell-Shocked (10-stroke roll, drag paradiddle #1 & 2)
Power Surge (6-stroke roll, single paradiddle-diddle, swiss triplet, pataflafla)
Termination Point (single dragadiddle, 17-stroke roll, buzz roll, triple stroke roll)

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