Pedal To The Kettle

Item No.: TSPB-14

Timpani lessons seeming a little sluggish? Pauken solos need some revving up?

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Kirk J. Gay

Pedal to the Kettle goes under the hood to address the demands placed on today's emerging timpanists, bringing new life to learning and performance on this instrument. With an inventive sequence of 2- and 4-drum etudes ranging from beginning to advanced, Kirk J. Gay steers you through a logical and entertaining course.

The etudes are presented in a sequence that graduates in difficulty while focusing on common challenges faced in modern and classic repertoire - all while maintaining a very musical approach with pieces that are fun to play! Concluding with a crowd-pleasing collection of concert solos, this book fuels you with an effective repertoire of 38 pieces from which to fine-tune your timpani lessons, contests, and recitals.

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Pedal To The Kettle

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