Solo Piano for Percussion

Item No.: TSPCS-31

Medium Concert Percussion

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Christopher D. Walker

Medium Solo for Percussion on Piano

Instrumentation: Piano (performed with lid open)*

*A functioning sostenuto pedal is needed.

Solo Piano for Percussion is an inventive piece by composer, Christopher D. Walker. It features a solo percussionist using various colorful techniques on a grand piano such as playing the strings with mallets, sliding mallets along the strings, using the fingers directly on the strings, playing the instrument on the keys, and utilizing various sostenuto effects.

Abstract in nature, it paints an audible landscape to reflect the included poem by Caitlin Ireland, El Mar (The Sea). This creative piece would be a unique and refreshing selection for percussionists to showcase their versatility while providing audiences something unexpected and soothing.

This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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Solo Piano for Percussion

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