Sleight of Hand (solo)

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Medium Multi-PercussionÁ‚ Solo

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Scott Ward

1 Player

Instrumentation: 20-22" Pedal Bass Drum, 14-16" Low Tom, 14" Snare Drum, 12" Brake Drum, Two Bongos, Two Jam Blocks (substitute plastic temple blocks or "granite" blocks), 20-22" China Cymbal, Two Mallet Trays (1 pr SD sticks, 2 pr medium hard yarn mallets).

A Sleight of Hand is defined as “an artful trick; sly artifice; a feat so dexterous that the manner of performance escapes observation.” This work for solo multiple percussion depicts the different stages of a magic act and the interaction between the audience and the magician.

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Sleight of Hand (solo)

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