Double Take

Item No.: TSPCD-04

Medium Multipercussion Duet

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by Jamieson Carr

2 players

Instrumentation: Drums (concert bass drum, 2 concert snare drums, 2 sets of bongos), Cymbals & gongs (2 splash cymbals, 2 opera gongs), Accessories (2 woodblock or jam blocks, 2 cowbells)

Written for two multipercussion stations configured in mirror image and split by a shared bass drum, Double Take launches at a blistering speed for nearly 7 minutes of exciting counterpoint. Each player rides a steady, aggressive ostinato on the rim of the snare drum. Sparse interjections occur on bongos, woodblocks, cowbells, splash cymbals, and ascending opera gongs. These gradually increase in frequency while a steady groove ensues.

From the urgent downbeat through the final climax, Double Take will capture an audience’s excitement while providing a perfect vehicle to feature a pair of aggressive percussionists.

This piece comes with a full, bound score and includes a CD-Rom containing an audio recording and all individual parts available for printing.

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Double Take

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