Constructive Interference

Item No.: TSPCS-61

Medium/Advanced Multipercussion Solo

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Alan Keown

Medium-Advanced Multipercussion Solo

Instrumentation: Drums (bongos, congas, 2 concert toms, 2 bass drums), Cymbals (16" China cymbal, 18" suspended cymbal), 2 brake drums

In physics, interference is a phenomenon in which two waves superimpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude. If a crest of one wave meets a crest of another wave of the same frequency at the same point, then the magnitude of the resulting wave is larger – this is Constructive Interference. One realization of this concept is found in the creative use of high-and-low pairs of brake drums, cymbals, toms, bass drums, bongos, and congas. Another is the steady, wavelike heartbeat motive that underpins the lyrical first movement and reappears in the second, more energetic one.

This two-movement, medium-advanced solo for multipercussion not only takes its inspiration from physics concepts but is also written by industry veteran Alan Keown for his talented and virtuosic son, Matt Keown.

Constructive Interference is provided as a professionally bound folio.

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Constructive Interference

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