Cohesion (duet)

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Medium/Advanced 2 Percussion Duet

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Matt Moore

2 Players

Instrumentation: Player 1 (bass drum (kick or marching), hi-hat, snare drum, bongos, ride cymbal, hi-hat, crash cymbal, splash cymbal (may be shared)), Player 2 (bass drum (kick or marching), 3 toms, snare drum, high conga, "popcorn" snare drum, China cymbal, crash cymbal, splash cymbal (may be shared)).

Cohesion is a funky and fun-to-play multiple percussion piece for two performers. The core of the instrument setup is the mirrored placement of bass drum and snare, further augmented by an array of cymbals, toms, and latin percussion instruments. The many metric modulations and frequently changing time signatures keep the performers, and the audience, on their toes.

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Cohesion (duet)

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