Parking Lot Etudes

Item No.: TSPB-02

Psychogenic discourse for the flam-drag fighter pilot

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This book contains some of the most unique drumline cadences and on field warm-ups ever written for the Santa Clara Vanguard. Included are these game-changing favorites:

  • Martian Mambo (SCV '90-'91, '94)
  • Poof! (SCV '92)
  • Fat Mama Dancin' (SCV '97)
  • Electric Wheelchair (SCV '90-'92)
  • It's in 4 (SCV '94 & '96)

Gusseck also supplies a foreword to each piece giving some insight into the creation of the work. These are advanced pieces which are sure to test the boundaries of your rudimental chops!

This book is published in score form, saddle-stitch bound, and features a full-color glossy cover. Click the product picture above for a look inside!

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Parking Lot Etudes

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