First Principles for Marching Battery

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Medium-Advanced Drumline Exercises

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by Murray Gusseck

Instrumentation: marching drumline

Going back to the proverbial drawing board is never a bad idea. With First Principles for Marching Battery, legendary drumline instructor Murray Gusseck has done just that. By creatively reexamining stock warmup exercises with fresh insight and "First Principles" reasoning, Gusseck has created a collection of not-so-stock exercises to help unlock your drumline's full potential!

Designed to help identify common technique issues in more advanced programs, and then focus the players' intentions accordingly, the 14 exercises in this compilation target technical areas such as:

  • Tempo
  • Time feel (groove)
  • Tap placement
  • Double strength
  • Wrist snap
  • 5- and 7-stroke rolls
  • Listening skills
  • … and more!

Gusseck crafted the exercises with the goal of achieving automated self-correction through repetition. Each exercise contains a breakdown of its purpose as well as suggestions for implementation strategies. Also provided are tips and suggestions for metronome use, tempo selection, and a variety of other related topics compiled through decades of wisdom in the marching percussion biz.

First Principles for Marching Battery is aimed at drumline instructors with at least some experience who might be looking for different ways to enhance their programs, reduce boredom in rehearsals, and promote healthy and fun playing. It is also designed with more experienced players in mind who might be looking for inspiration in certain key technical areas in order to advance.

Included exercises:

1) Single-Double-Triple

2) Swing Crosby

3) Milkbone

4) Flam Hack Sense

5) Gear Shifter

6) The Rub

7) I.D.A. (”Inverted Double Attack”)

8) Snapper

9) Single Double Trouble

10) Three Strikes

11) Diddle McNuggets

12) Bitty Rolls

13) Diddles & Vittles

14) Fulcrum Freddie

An assortment of audio reference tracks are included, as are parts for 5- and 6-drum tenor configurations and 4-, 5-, and 6-drum bass configurations.

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First Principles for Marching Battery

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