Vou Com Voce

Item No.: TSPCD19-006

Medium Duet for Marimba and Voice

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by Nathan Smith

2 players

Instrumentation: Alto voice, Marimba (low C)

Nathan Smith’s Vou Come Você was written as a love letter from the perspective of a young girl from Brazil. She expresses her longing for a boy named Charlie singing, “vou come você,” which in English means “I will go with you.” As a songwriter, Smith encourages performers to treat this piece as a song rather than an academic exercise. This piece will be an accessible way to highlight the versatility of the marimba in a ‘singer-sonwriter’ format rather than an academic performance setting.

The vocal part, with lyrics in Portuguese, includes an English translation. Furthermore, this part can easily be used as a lead sheet so other melodic instruments like flute or violin can play the lead part as opposed to just limiting it to vocals.

Vou Com Você comes as a full, bound score with a color cover and includes an online download code to access individual parts for printing.

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Vou Com Voce

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