Scenes of a Youthful Dusk

Item No.: TSPCS19-017

Medium-Advanced Short Solo Pieces for Prepared Vibraphone and Glockenspiel

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by Matt Ridge

1 Player

Instrumentation: Vibraphone*, Glockenspiel

* This piece requires a method of preparing the vibraphone by attaching several objects to the bars such as index cards, tinfoil filled with rice, erasers, coins, and paperclips.

Brian Blume’s Three Pieces for Marimba began as an exercise in improvisation. It then grew into three through-composed works, each with a wide range of techniques and characteristics which highlight the unique versatility of the instrument when executed by a sensitive performer.

The musical material of this challenging marimba solo was influenced by such renowned composers as J.S. Bach, Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, and Béla Bartók. Each movement was intended to be performed in succession but may be performed separately as single movements or in pairs. Though each movement is clearly singular and unique, the discerning listener will perceive motives and variations of these motives throughout all three pieces.

Three Pieces for Marimba ships in a printed, professionally bound folio with a full color cover.

In Scenes of a Youthful Dusk, composer Matt Ridge creates a unique collage of sorts. Three distinct snapshots in time are illustrated through the colors of the vibraphone, its unique methods of preparation, and eventually the glockenspiel. These brief pieces are tied to the novel memories created during the close of day when we are young.

I. Curious Creatures is a depiction of the images seen while peering face-first into a field of tall grass. Ladybugs, crickets, caterpillars, and other critters hop into view just as quickly as they leave. Though they exist in a very small world compared to our own, their everyday interactions are characterized by ecstatic activity and quiet energy.

II. The Boogeyman’s Bustle launches forward like a mad dash. The spirited energy of a child sprinting through thick, summer evening air is nearly palpable. The music stumbles, halts, catches its breath, and bolts off again as an uncontrollable excitement overwhelms the runner. Or might it be fear?

III. The Moonlit Mobile finally sees a child at rest, tucked away in bed. There is nothing to do but gaze at the twirling planets and stars of the mobile swinging from the ceiling. Drifting in and out of a fantastic dream state, she can only imagine what big world awaits her.

These pieces may be performed as an entire suite, or individually. Detailed instructions are provided for preparing the vibraphone using including everyday items such as paper clips, index cards, coins, erasers, and rice-filled tin foil packets.

Scenes of a Youthful Dusk ships in a printed, professionally bound folio with a full color cover.

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Scenes of a Youthful Dusk

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