Like a Burden Too Heavy

Item No.: TSPCS-34

Medium Marimba Solo

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by Brian Blume

1 player

Instrumentation: Marimba—low E*

*Substitutions are provided which will allow for performance on a 4.3-octave, low A marimba.

...like a burden too heavy is a marimba solo by composer/percussionist Brian Blume. It’s written to reflect the struggles and limitations we face in conjunction with the “human condition.” There is a heaviness and sadness in Blume’s harmonic treatments which flow seamlessly to create a lyrical work that stands on its own regardless of the fact that it was written for marimba.

This piece is both musical and heartfelt and it provides a great training ground for developing intermediate players to refine their 4-mallet technique. While it’s written for for a 4.3-octave (low A) marimba, it includes additions or alterations for players using a larger, 4.6-octave (low E) marimba.

…like a burden too heavy also makes a great prelude to Blume’s Unforced Rhythms, for solo marimba with foot shaker.

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Like a Burden Too Heavy

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