Highland Park

Item No.: TSPCS22-016

Medium-Advanced Marimba Solo

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Kyle H. Peters

1 Player

Medium/Advanced Marimba Solo

Instrumentation: Marimba — low A

Highland Park by Kyle H. Peters focuses on musical exploration and technical control within overlapping linear figures. With an emphasis on single independent and double lateral stroke types, the piece requires a nimble approach to achieve the intersecting musical lines. Peters provides a great canvas in which performers can experiment with musical decision making regarding shaping musical lines to bring out different aspects of the linear phrases.

This medium-advanced 4-mallet solo is playable on 4.3-octave (low A) marimbas and would work well as a short feature piece for concerts, auditions, or technical study.

Highland Park ships as a printed, professionally bound score, and includes individual parts in PDF format for printing or tablet viewing.

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Highland Park

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