Five Miniatures for Marimba

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Introductory solos for 3 or 4 mallets

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by Chad Heiny

Introductory solos for 3 or 4 mallets


  • Marimba (low A)

In Five Miniatures for Marimba, talented composer and educator Kyle H. Peters brings to the world a collection of introductory solos for marimba as musically compelling as they are useful for technique development.

Designed for beginning to intermediate students embarking on their four-mallet journey, a distinctive feature of this collection is that all pieces are playable with either three or four mallets — a helpful option for those new to four-mallet technique. The solos use repetition to encourage players to hone their technique while maximizing their musicality.

The five miniatures can be performed individually or as a collection, and all are playable on a standard 4.3-octave (low A) marimba.

Included in this collection:

 Introduction | Easy | 2’00”

 Groove | Easy | 2’00”

 Floating | Med-Easy | 2’15”

 Joy | Medium | 2’10”

 Emerge | Medium | 2’30”

Five Miniatures for Marimba ships as a fully bound book and includes reference recordings in download format.


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Five Miniatures for Marimba

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