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Medium Vibraphone Solo

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Kyle H. Peters

Medium Vibraphone Solo

Kyle H. Peters drew inspiration for Charm from two places. For one, he felt inspired by some of his favorite soundtrack music; additionally, he cites a certain definition of the word "charm" itself: "the chanting of a magic spell." Peters succeeds in writing a piece that reflects this meaning - this work is a haunting, wondrous journey that showcases the lyrical nature of the vibraphone.

The piece provides the opportunity for players to explore the technical aspects of the instrument, too. Dead strokes and dampening are effectively used throughout to contrast with the pedaling, which may be interpreted freely to give a unique feel to each performance. A version with suggested pedaling is included as a springboard for interpretation. Full of enchantment and wonder, this work is a touching, expressive addition to any student recital!

Charm ships as a printed, professionally-bound folio with a full-color cover.

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