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Advanced Solo Vibraphone and Multimedia

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Russell Wharton

Advanced Vibraphone Solo + Multimedia

Instrumentation: Solo vibraphone, Amplification system (for included audio accompaniment), Projection system (for optional video accompaniment)

When writing Aquatic, Russell Wharton found inspiration in the same place as much of his work: the physical world. This time around, he explores oceanic life, which he describes as “friendly, terrifying, alien, majestic, enormous, and microscopic.” Wharton also takes interest in the media surrounding this life. He specifically pays homage to Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Our Planet, and Subnautica.

The music covers a wide expressive range, reflecting the diversity and fragility of the Earth’s oceans. The driving force throughout is an undulating arpeggio pattern, which frequently shifts in its written rhythms. This morphing of the pattern leaves room for player interpretation, resulting in a quasi-swing feel that opens and closes like a jellyfish. This piece is an impressive and powerful addition to any advanced solo recital!

Aquatic ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover. The audio track and optional video accompaniment are included as downloadable files.

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