Song for Yesterday, A (McCarthy)

Item No.: TSPCS21-015

Medium Marimba Solo

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David McCarthy; arr. Steven Wulff

Medium Marimba Solo

Instrumentation: Marimba (low A)

A Song for Yesterday originally comes from an acoustic guitar track recorded by David McCarthy. Steven Wulff, McCarthy’s former bandmate, has now adapted this track for solo marimba 20 years later! This version expands on the ideas presented in the original, drawing inspiration from the likes of Sammut and Sejourné.

Rooted in guitar fundamentals, the piece largely explores arpeggiation of simple rock chords, with ornamentation and altered tones providing character. This driving energy lasts for the duration of the work, resulting in something simultaneously nostalgic and forward-looking. This is a perfect piece for intermediate players to learn for lessons, performances, or just for fun!

A Song for Yesterday ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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Song for Yesterday, A (McCarthy)

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