War Drum Peace Drum

Artikelnr: TSPCS-50

Advanced Snare Drum Solo


David Reeves

Advanced Snare Drum Solo with Audio

Instrumentation: Concert snare drum, Audio backing track

Written for solo snare drum with pre-recorded audio by David Reeves, the drumming vocabulary of this snare solo is nearly devoid of any rudiments. Its technical difficulty lies in the dynamic range and control, and in coordinating with the audio track. The musical "meat" of this work is created by the contrast between the sharp punctuations and rhythmnicity of the snare part and the more extended sounds and phrases of the pre-recorded instruments, which include taiko, shaker, squeeze drum, gong, and metals. Serving as an effective choice for programming variety, the pre-recorded audio accompaniment is provided in three versions (accompaniment only; accompaniment and metronome click; and metronome click only) to allow for practice and performance options.

War Drum Peace Drum ships as a full, bound score with a full-color cover and comes with audio recordings.

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War Drum Peace Drum

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