Artikelnr: TSPCD17-004

Medium/Advanced Multipercussion Duet


by Benjamin Fraley

2 players

Instrumentation: Bongos (shared), 2 congas (small/medium), 2 medium toms (high/low tuning), 2 large toms (high/low tuning)

Shh... was written by Benjamin Fraley while he was struggling with long bouts of insomnia. He would spend his nights composing duets for himself and his friend Ned. Shh... is one of the results of those sleepless nights. 

This duet uses a small, tight-knit setup consisting of bongos, congas, and toms exclusively. Though the title may suggest soft and subdued musical material, it actually uses a wide variety of tempi, dynamics, rhythmic motives, and textures. Because of its minimal setup, its perfect for the traveling percussion duo!  

This piece was written for Ned F. Smith, who passed away in 2016 from a sudden illness. 

Shh... comes with a full, bound score, a CD-ROM with an audio recording, and individual parts available for printing.

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