Psalm 104

Artikelnr: TSPCS-11

Advanced Multi Percussion Solo


by Brian Blume

1 player

Instrumentation: Drums (piccolo snare drum, kick drum, 4 graduated tom toms, Remo 6" TSS drum or firecracker drum or similiar, bongos), Cymbals (sizzle cymbal, splash cymbal, 2 suspended crash cymbals)

Psalm 104 is a vigorous new multipercussion solo by composer Brian Blume. Using a tight configuration of only drums and cymbals, the soloist navigates a series of complex melodic lines requiring rhythmic dexterity between hands and feet. Demanding power, sensitivity, precision, and restraint, Psalm 104 will draw audiences in while the soloist expresses both reverence and intensity.

The piece comes as a professionally bound folio.

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Psalm 104

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