Artikelnr: TSPCS19-016

Medium/Advanced Solo for Hand Percussion and Electronics


Shane Mulligan

Med-Advanced Multipercussion solo + electronics

Instrumentation: Large udu, Small udu, Djembe, 2 egg shakers, Wooden agogo guiros (5 pitches), Kalimba, Loop station with at least 3-track looping capability (i.e., Boss RC-300), 2 microphones, Audio interface or mixer, 2 speakers

Shane Mulligan’s solo for hand percussion and electronics entitled Nightscape, features a collection of African instruments like as udu drums, shakers, wooden guiros, kalimba, and djembe. In traditional African drumming, each of these instruments would be played by a different individual and each player would have their own distinct repeated pattern. In Nightscape, however, the performer sequences each pattern with a loop pedal, creating a sonic backdrop for extended, soloistic segments on the udu drums and djembe. With infectious groove layers, a rich sonic palette, and popular looping technology, this is the perfect solo for the 21st century percussive artist.

Nightscape comes as a full, bound score with a color cover.

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