Echo Song

Artikelnr: TSPCS-57

Medium/Advanced Multipercussion Solo


by Gene Koshinski

1 player

Instrumentation: Bongos, 4 octobans, Kick drum (with pedal), Splash cymbal

Note: Optional second player would require 1 set of bongos and 1 kick drum with pedal.

A concert work written for solo multipercussionist with an optional assistant who serves as the echo, Echo Song was inspired by a madrigal for antiphonal choirs by Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso. Gene Koshinski’s further interest in the Ritmica method, which focuses in part on the simultaneous performance of unrelated meters and ostinati as well as contradictory melodic material, informs the bulk of this medium-advanced work. There are contradictions to be found within the timbres, too, as the soloist plays bongos, 4 octobans, kick drum with pedal, and splash cymbal. Another set of bongos and kick drum comprise the echo part. The result is an engaging work that also allows for some performer discretion as to the length of repeats.

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Echo Song

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