Two-Beat Tango

Artikelnr: TSPCS19-007

Medium-Easy Mallet Solo with optional Piano Accompaniment


by Brian Slawson

1-2 players

Instrumentation: Any mallet keyboard instrument, spanning at least 2 octaves, Piano (optional)

Two-Beat Tango by Brian Slawson combines old-school charm with multicultural flavors. The original melody resembles that of traditional Hungarian folk music while the contrasting middle section exhibits qualities more typical of Spanish music. The piano accompaniment included with the score is optional and can easily be played by a young percussion student who is interested in learning the instrument. In an effort to make this piece even more accessible, the mallet keyboard part can be performed on any mallet percussion instrument that spans at least two octaves.

This piece ships in a printed, professionally bound folio with a full color cover and includes a separate, printed piano part within the folio.

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Two-Beat Tango

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