Six Suites for Marimba

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Marimba Solo


Two books in one binding, 106 pages. This edition of J. S. Bach's Six Suites for Violoncello is transcribed for marimba by Leigh Howard Stevens with an introduction and musical text edited by Swiss Bach scholar, Dominik Sackmann. This impeccable urtext transcription eliminates all the scordatura and clef complications of the cello editions and settles all questions about which of the five original source copies to follow. The first half of the book is LHS’s Marimbists' Guide to Performing Bach. 17 sections covering tempo, ornamentation, articulation, mallet choice, production of legato, etc. The musical material it covers will surely become a core part of every college percussionist's education -- just as Method of Movement continues to be the best-selling college text for teaching stroke types and the principles of efficient movement.

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Six Suites for Marimba

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