Romance de Amor

Artikelnr: TSPCS-48

Medium Marimba Solo


Anonymous; arr. Ralph Hicks

Medium Marimba Solo

Instrumentation: Marimba—low A

Romance de Amor is considered an excellent and common introductory piece for beginning guitar students. Known by several titles (Estudio en Mi de Rubira, Romance de Espana), and with an unknown composer (believed to be 19th century), there have been many interpretations over the years.

In this marimba arrangement, Ralph Hicks incorporates some basic 4-mallet foundations every developing marimbist should be versed in. Chords and arpeggios are clearly outlined with common rotation strokes employed, and much room for dynamic and expressive exploration is encouraged. With the technical skills utilized and the freedom for musicianship, this should be on the repertoire list for every up-and-coming marimbist!

This piece ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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Romance de Amor

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