Artikelnr: TSPCS22-002

Medium-Advanced Solo for Marima and Electronics


Ian T. Jones

Med-Advanced Marimba Solo w/ Electronics

Instrumentation: Solo Marimba — 5-octave*, Looping pedal, Amplification system

*possible on low-A marimba with some alterations (indicated in score)

Ian T. Jones describes Meditation as "an art piece written to allow listeners, or the performer, to meditate." With an unconvential score layout, much of the piece is improvisatory in nature, reminiscent of works by Terry Riley and Steve Reich. The three sections each feature different types of indeterminacy, with repeat counts and section durations largely being up to the performer. With this in mind, Jones further describes the piece as "a study of one's self."

A central feature of this work is the use of a multi-track looping pedal in the middle section. After establishing a simple ostinato on the first track, the performer layers in patterns from a number of measures floating on the page. The order and extent to which they introduce the patterns is entirely up to choice. This technique culminates in an otherworldly, swirling soundscape, before the performer fades back to the acoustic instrument and moves on in the piece. Jones has crafted a special experience for performer and audience alike, with each performance being truly unique to the moment!

Meditation ships as a printed, professionally-bound folio with a full-color cover.

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