10 Etudes for Marimba & Four Hands

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Medium Etudes for Marimba and Four Hands


by Zach Koors

2 players

Instrumentation: Marimba (4.3-octave, low A)*

*All 10 etudes are performed with both players sharing one marimba.

Zach Koors’ collection of pieces, 10 Etudes for Marimba & Four Hands, features pieces with a wide range of musical material designed to challenge intermediate students while simultaneously captivating their interest. Their skill levels range from medium-easy to medium-advanced and their musical characteristics range from upbeat and catchy to slow and somber.

All ten of these etudes fit on a 4.3-octave (low A) marimba, and they are written so they can be played by both players on the same instrument. Each part only requires 2 mallets of each player.

Teachers can also play these etudes alongside their students and switch parts, if desired. Although the pieces were written for marimba, Koors invites the performers to be creative and experiment with some of them on vibraphone and marimba or other combinations of mallet instruments.

10 Etudes for Marimba & Four Hands ships as a fully-bound book and includes recordings of each etude as well as individual PDF parts for printing or tablet viewing. If both players wish to read from a score, a PDF of the score is also included for the second player.

Listing of Etudes:

• ONE | Med-Easy | 2:15

• TWO | Med-Easy | 3:25

• THREE | Medium | 2:40

• FOUR | Medium | 2:40

• FIVE | Medium | 2:45

• SIX | Med-Advanced | 2:50

• SEVEN | Med-Advanced | 2:35

• EIGHT | Med-Advanced | 1:50

• NINE | Med-Advanced | 3:00

• TEN | Med-Advanced | 1:50

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10 Etudes for Marimba & Four Hands

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