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Advanced Marimba Solo


Thomas R. Marceau

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Advanced Marimba Solo

Instrumentation: Marimba — 5-octave

August by Thomas R. Marceau is a light and graceful marimba solo meant to illustrate delicate accompaniments that surround and fade into simple melodies. Pulling inspiration from acoustic guitar and voice, the piece weaves melody and harmony together into seamless, whimsical gestures. It recommends that the performer distinguish between harmonic and melodic material during practice, a challenge both musically and technically. Through fluttering gestures and subtle rubato, the piece will push the performer's four mallet dexterity and touch through the entire range of the instrument. August is an outstanding canvas to explore subtleties and hidden complexities within undulating musical lines.

August requires a 5-octave marimba.

August ships as a printed, professionally bound folio with a full-color cover.

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