Talking Sticks 2

Artikelnr: CM60109

202 duos for two drum sets in two volumes


Matthias Krohn

This giant collection of drum duos starts with easy pieces and progresses to music with complex rhythms and styles

•  Volume 2 presents 101 duos from intermediate to advanced with eight double bass duos
•  The individual parts in each duo have comparable levels of difficulty, so that drum sets 1 and 2 can easily be interchanged
•  All duos are excellent recital pieces, each lasting approximately 2-3 minutes
•  Volume 2 offers helpful instructions and room for improvisation
•  A high priority is for the players to have fun with a good groove
•  Includes a play-along MP3-CD covering more than three hours of music with two different tempi for each duo
•  Reflects over 25 years of concert and pedagogical experience
•  Great for group lessons
•  Can also be used as a reference for grooves and fill-ins

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Talking Sticks 2

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