Drum-e Piece No. 2 (duet)

Artikelnr: 23660

Medium/Advanced 2 Percussion Duet


Ian McClaflin

2 Players

Instrumentation: Drum Set 1 (Splash Cymbal, Bongos, Cowbell, Snare Drum, Kick Drum), Drum Set 2 (Splash Cymbal, 2 Toms, Jam Block, Snare Drum, Kick Drum).

Scored for two drum sets, Drum-e Piece No. 2 certainly stands out from other multi-percussion duets! Split rhythmic lines between the players, street beats, and improvised solos are all incorporated, making this piece a sure crowd-pleaser!

Drum-e Piece No. 2 consists of two stand-up drum sets on either side of the stage. With the set-up of the two drum sets being far apart, this gives the audience an engaging experience by watching the lines move between the two players. The splitting of rhythmic lines between the two players is a prevailing theme throughout the piece. The piece is divided into four sections: an introductory section which incorporates many splits and fast rhythmic passages, a second section which contrast the beginning by incorporating softer rhythmic phrases, a third section which resembles a street beat while incorporating split elements found in the beginning of the work, and the final section which returns to material found in the first section while gradually building to the end.

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Drum-e Piece No. 2 (duet)

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