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If you cannot find specific books and/or dvd’s on our website; mail, call or fax us because we can order everything! You can find our address, phone or fax number on our contact page.

Starter Packs

Especially for the beginning percussionist and drummer we compiled a couple of “Starter Packs”. A Starter Pack contains everything need you to make a good start with drumming. “Starter Packs” are available from € 46,95. For this amount you get a snare drum or drumset method book, a pair of sticks and a practice pad. Here you will find a summary of the different “Starter Packs”.



New Mallet Method Book

mallet basics cover websiteMallet Basics is a complete new beginning method for melodic percussion instruments like glockenspiel, xylophone, marimba and vibraphone. This great new method book by the Dutch professional educator and percussionist Marco Onstenk provides you everything you need to become a great mallet player and contains more that 100 pages of valuable information! The book even has it's own YouTube channel. A must have for all beginning mallet percussionists!



Universal hearing protection with equal music filter

PR-0124Finally it happened! The revolutionary music filter, previously only available in custom earplugs, is now available in a universal variant! This filter provides an almost equal damping in the low, mid and high registers. We have four models available; the "Music" with about 20db damping, the "Woodwind" with about 15 dB damping, the "Vocals" with about 20 dB damping and the "Drummers" with about 25 dB EQUAL damping! These hearing protectors are supplied with two different sized earplugs so you can choose the most comfortable. They come with a handy storage tube for your key ring so can't forget them!



New Christmas Marimba Solos & Duets

ChristmasTapspace published a couple of great new Christmas percussion titles. Brian Blume wrote an album with 7 holiday solos for marimba called Winterludes. He also wrote a couple of marimba and vibraphone duets for the holiday season called Winterludes for Two. Besides that there's a great new album with 11 Christmas arrangements for concert percussion ensemble entitled Season's Beatings, which is available via the Show & Marching Music website. Everything is available from stock.



New Items Autumn 2013

We recently added some new titles to our webshop. Drumlesboek by Imre Kruis, Tributes for Snare Drum by Ted Atkatz and Sequential Studies for Four-Mallet Marimba by Julia Gaines. Don't forget to visit our new books page regularly for a complete survey of alle new items.



Drum Play Along Books

drumplayalongWe have a great collection with Drum Play Along Books. Besides the drum scores a lot of books also contain chord symbols and lyrics. The following books are available from stock: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Radiohead, 18 Classic Song. Looking for Drum Play Along Books you cannot find on our website………we can order everything!



Classic Mallet Trios

Recently Alfred published a couple of classic mallet trios from Bach and Tchaikovsky arranged by Brian Slawson. Each set contains for arrangement scored for bells, vibraphone and marimba. Of course it’s also possible to play these arrangements with other mallet instruments. Very suitable for among others solo- and ensemble competitions.



Marimba Music from Mostly Marimba

mostlymarimbaMostly Marimba is the American company specialized in everything concerning marimba’s. Besides their marimba solo music, which we now have different titles in stock, they also produce instruments and mallets. At this moment we have these titles available from stock. We are expanding our range with pieces of Mosty Marimba the coming months. All other titles from this publisher can be ordered of course.



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