Sharpened Stick

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Advanced Percussion Ensemble


Brett William Dietz

The Sharpend Stick is a Native American war song and dance that is in the "fish-step" style. It is said that the popular 1920's dance craze the "Charleston" was derived from this dance. At cetain points of the composition, the performers shout "Yo-Ho"- In Native American music, this is sounded by the 'head singer' and signifies a change of direction in the music as well as a change in the direction of the dance.

Number of Players: 5


Player I: 4 Tom-Toms, Bass Drum w/Pedal, Splash Cymbal, Cowbell

Player II: 2 Congas, 2 Bongos, Cowbell

Player III: 4 Brake Drums, Wood Block, Field Drum

Player IV: Piccolo Snare Drum, Hi-Hat, Wood Block

Player V: 4 Tom-Toms, Concert Bass Drum, Chinese Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal, Cowbell

Brett William Dietz (b. 1972) is Assistant Professor of Percussion at the Louisiana State University School of Music. He is the music director of Hamiruge (the LSU Percussion Group). He earned the Bachelor of Music in Percussion and the Master of Music in Composition/Theory from the Mary Pappert School of Music at Duquesne University. In 2004, Dietz earned his Doctorate of Music from Northwestern University. He has studied percussion with Jack DiIanni, Andrew Reamer, Stanley Leonard, and Michael Burritt while his principal composition teachers include Joseph W. Jenkins, David Stock, and Jay Alan Yim.


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Sharpened Stick

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